Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sell on Ebay

Secrets of Selling on Ebay

Make Money On Ebay

If you are currently waiting for decent job to come along, you are not alone. With unemployment and inflation on the rise and retired workers coming back to the job market to compete for the relatively same number of jobs in the economy, It might be the time for you to get up and start thinking outside the box. One of the way you can earn good living is by selling on ebay. Yes, you can earn living on ebay as lot of people in my circle are. You don't have to however jump headfirst into trying to sell on ebay. Understanding the process and what sells is critical.

To get started all you need is a digital camera, merchandise and an ebay/paypal accout. Ebay offers simple online process that walks you through buying or selling through a few easy steps. You can start by selling some of your unwanted things to get the experience as you write resumes and try to get your regular job. Look at the expired listings to see what was put out to market and what got sold and at what price. Once you have sold some of your unwanted things and short listed what you think would sell relatively well, next thing to do is try to find a steady supply of the merchandise you wish to sell. Onething I can tell you is that you won't go far in most cases if you are going to buy your supply from local retail or even sometimes wholesale source. You need to get online to find reputable closeouts or liquidation sites that sell your desired merchandise for very low prices. If you feel uncomfortable going into sellig that strong, visit local garage sales and retail outlets and looking for branded items ant dirt cheap cleance prices. For example, the other day, I picked up a dozen branded weighing scales at a supermarket at close to 75% off retail. I knew that that particular model sells online at ebay for almost three times what I paid (including taxes). It is not a lot of inventory to carry and I can sell this stuff slowly. Also look for branded apparel at big stores on clearance during off season and try to sell them the following season...Different people do it differently and achieve different levels of success. I am sure you are smart and comeup with your own strategy by mixing and matching the information and guidance I am providing.

In conclusion, you can use ebay as a supplemental source of income as you work in a regular job and can ultimately convert it into a 100% source of income for you at home. For me, I will start slow and work my way up. For more make money from home jobs and ideas please visit jobs central or make money online.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jobs in Sports - Entry level to executive. How to get moving up the ladder...

Sometimes the corporate ladder seems endless. Ascending it can be arduous and time consuming if you take one step at a time. It takes more than working long hours on the weekend, being innovative, and solving problems. You must act strategically to get up this ladder by becoming noticed and valued

Look around the office. See anything? Know what you are looking for? You're looking for where the growth is going on in the organization. Once you find it, pack up your cubicle belongings in a box and get over to that department as quickly as possible. Don't be overly concerned if it is a lateral move - remember that rising tides lift all ships.

Start building a solid communications network within the company. This has many benefits from knowing the inside scoop on what Jack and Peggy - two interns - did last night, to getting inside information on job openings before they're announced. Any important reorganization rumors should pass by your desk too. Listen to them, and take action!

Don't just interact with your direct supervisor. Managers in other departments are equally as important as your own direct manager. Get out there and make sure that they all know who you are and what you are capable of doing. Cross-interaction allows you to showcase your talents to more people. The more people at the top who are aware of your skills, the better your chances of getting there with them.

It is a pretty rare occurrence to find turtles at the top of an organization. There is no room for people in shells up there. Most of the people there are risk takers. If you are even considering a spot at an executive level you have to take risks. Taking on difficult and risky assignments/projects - and successfully completing them - will certainly put you on the "fast-track" express lane to the top. Just don't get to far in over your head and commit professional suicide. Being able to determine if a project or assignment is difficult or an impossibility should keep you alive.

Concentrate on making those weaker around you look good. This also goes for your direct supervisor. Carry a weak boss on your shoulders if it's necessary, and don't whine or complain about it. Eventually the extent of your contributions will come to the attention of someone important.

Most importantly, you should never stop learning. This is essential in keeping you professionally viable and necessary in the workplace. Idleness will allow the competition to get an edge on you, and your value will quickly be reduced. One way of preventing this is by keeping abreast of career evelopments in your industry by subscribing to

Look for seminars or training conferences which are applicable to your specific field. Anything that increases your skills will increase your chance of becoming an executive. In addition, check with your human resources department to find out if the company offers any reimbursement for tuition or enrollment fees. You know that you are an executive, so why let everyone else know!.

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The consumer world changes fast and companies pay millions of dollars to ordinary consumers to get their honest opinion about development of new products to stay ahead of the competition. These companies will pay people cash and incentives and gifts just for giving honest opinion and completing online and offline surveys. These cash payments can amount to hundreds of dollars a week for someone who is either staying home due to contstraints or for someone just looking for work at home jobs. It is really hard to find information about all these companies in one single place. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and search internet and other resources trying to find each individual company that offers such an opportunity, I don't mind paying someone a little and reap benefits from their hard work. With that thought in mind, I tried to look for a few good resorces that would offer such an information. it was much harder than I though and now have come across only one. Survey Annex

This company manages a compilation of over 500 of these companies and makes it available 24 hours a day. For stay home moms or senior citizens such a work can be excellent as they don't have to leave house and get to spend time in a productive way. You can look for sign up information for Survey annex here at Survey Annex

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